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Welcome to The Gathering Place
The Gathering Place is a new and unique all-inclusive rental venue located on historic Germantown Avenue in the charming and diverse neighborhood of Mt. Airy in Philadelphia. The multi-purpose venue offers a wonderful setting for hosting various types of gatherings and special events.

Gather: To congregate
Gathering: The act of assembling. An old term which describes a group of people coming together for a task.

At The Gathering Place you can host meaningful and purposeful gatherings of all different kinds:

Gatherings for the mind, body, soul and spirit.
Gatherings to entertain, educate, energize and enlighten.
Gatherings to celebrate, congratulate, to socialize, to organize, to network and to do business.
Gatherings to study, to worship, to eulogize, to memorialize, to uplift and to inspire.
Gatherings for art, culture and history.
Gatherings to make history and for history in the making.
Gatherings to laugh and sometimes cry, to say hello, to welcome and sometimes say goodbye.
Gatherings to encourage, to support and to just be together. We gather, we gather, We gather.

Welcome to The Gathering Place, where every gathering is "special". Book your unique and special gathering now!

6755 Germantown Avenue     Philadelphia, PA 19119     215.848.0677